Photo Submission Guidelines

In order to paint a portrait of your dog, we need a portrait quality photo as a reference. Picking the right photo is important, so please take your time and choose one that you love before you begin the checkout process!

A portrait quality photo:

  • features the dog's face as a primary subject, facing the camera or in 3/4 view. 
  • features only one dog.
  • is shot at their level.
  • is well-lighted to show your dog's most distinctive features, particularly their eyes.
  • is one where your dog looks like their best self. Relaxed. Happy. A little noble.
  • features a dog. We don't know how to paint anything else.

Ryder is a lovely girl regardless, but being able to see both of her eyes makes for a better portrait.

Ranger thoughtfully wants to show his speckles off up close, but in the process, loses his ear. The right photo is much better for this purpose because his whole face is in frame and all of his unique markings are visible.

The photo on the left shows something Coconut loves. The photo on the right better shows who Coconut is.

On the left: Yoda's driver's license photo. On the right, Yoda is portrait ready!

The larger and higher quality source image you provide, the better! There's much more image data available in the photo file you took with your camera or your phone is better than, say, a screenshot of an instagram post.

We do not paint: people, memes, words/slogans, copyrighted material, or symbols including but not limited to: flags, group affiliation, or corporate/brand logos. 

Mythic Familiar will not be held responsible for issues surrounding the submission or interpretation of images held under copyright, rights-management, or those upon which royalties are due. Material submitted must be free to replicate, otherwise permission should be obtained from the relevant party in advance.