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Dogs have been our inseparable friends for some eleven thousand years. Throughout recorded history, dogs have played muse to philosophers, artists, and musicians alike. Dogs have committed incredible acts of heroism. Dogs save lives and do important work helping people navigate theirs. Dogs have altered the course of history, and in turn we've told their stories and know their names. Laika. Balto. Swansea Jack. Buddy. Cairo. Hachikō.

Mythic Familiar is founded on the premise that we can honor our relationship to our closest companions with unique, high quality accessories. Every dog lives a vibrant little life, and while a great many dogs have been deeply important in human lives, the vast majority of their stories will never be heard. When they pass, the physical things left behind for their historical record are small and few compared to a human life and miniscule compared to the void they leave behind them; the things we have left to touch are the things we carried with us every day as we built our relationship, our friendship, our family, step by step. Mythic Familiar was created for the purpose of crafting these types of meaningful products, for people who aren't satisfied with mass produced designs that treat your dog as nothing more than an accessory, breed, or subcategory.

All of the designs in this first run of products were inspired by dogs I have known and loved. Napoleon. Teddy Bear. Walter. Sophie. Riley. I wanted the design to serve as a framework for carrying forth a bit of the spirit of those dogs.

When you customize your bag with a commission of your dog's portrait, you're not only honoring them with something made specifically for them, but you're also spreading your dog's legend, saying, look: This is my beloved companion. See them at their very best. See them as they were before time dimmed their eyes and greyed their fur. Never forget they were here, for they are the very best of dogs.

Meet the Dogs of Legend

Napoleon Beardeparte


Intelligent and tenacious, Napoleon ruled the backyard* and the house with an iron paw, extending his borders (and thus, his loud protection) far beyond the fence line and also behind the television, daring any delivery person or digitally rendered bear to approach.

His sense of justice was keen and his standards of decorum high: he didn't approve of dancing, public displays of affection, excessive laughter, and certainly not the wild pantomiming of drumming to the intro theme music of Xena: Warrior Princess.

A true gourmand, he spent his life in pursuit of unique flavor experiences, undaunted by physical barriers, his digestive limitations, and the rule of law. Favorite flavors include: all shades of corn including pop, dog, and cob, shredded lettuce, and the ocean.

*The backyard was ceded to him in an informal treaty in 2013 and established as the independent kingdom of Beardonia.

Napoleon's style: classic and refined

Teddy Bear

(2008 - 2023 )

alter ego: Cheese Boy

Teddy Bear is a precious little puff who would love nothing more than being snuggled and doted upon at all times, akin to tiny royalty.

If you're sitting down, he believes he should be on your lap. It's not enough to be on your lap, though--soon a little paw will insistently pull your hand in for pets. If he's no longer comfortable in your lap, he stands up and latches his front legs over your shoulder, demanding to be held like a baby. What else could you possibly be doing with your arms and hands, seated in front of your computer? Nothing, surely.

Teddy Bear's ideal situation would be in a home with multiple retired people with no hobbies other than petting dogs and absolutely no other dogs.

Teddy Bear's special skills include gravity-defying jumps, the ability to tell time, salsa dancing, hearing the wrapper open on a slice of American cheese from literally anywhere, and an uncanny ability to leap at and strike the spot of the leg that buckles the knee when acting as Cheese Boy. 

Teddy Bear's style: no-apologies high posh


(2018 - )

Walter has three major passions in life: rough-and-tumble play, smelling flowers, and investigating the mysteries of the forbidden cat box.

Walter's passion for play cannot be fully contained in his squat body, and his enthusiasm is such that he was maybe-kinda-sorta-banned from one of the snootier dog parks in the Bay Area. He doesn't run so much as cannonball himself through space, hurtling toward some unsuspecting dog just trying to have a wee in peace.

On walks, he moves from bloom to bloom, burying his face and inhaling deeply, transported by their heady aromas. His love of flowers is so great that it can (temporarily) overtake his need to steamroll other dogs--I once accompanied him to a dog park with a wall of beautiful flowers and witnessed his trajectory of leg-sweeping enthusiasm consistently curve toward the blooms before jetting off to his final destination to bowl someone over.

We needn't discuss Walter's third passion.

Walter's style is: bold and floriferous



Sophie was the ultimate water dog, able to spot a glint of light on a solitary puddle across an otherwise entirely dry field.  Lakes, ponds, pools, oceans, she approved of them all. Once said body of water was in her sights, there was no deterring her, regardless of the temperature: splish splash, she was taking a bath, emerging with her golden locks dripping, ready to dive in again. And again. And again.

Sophie thought that wherever you wanted to go sounded like a grand adventure--she was as ready to hang out on a patio brunch as one of the gals as she was to go on a road trip or a hike or share your snacks (as one of the gals, of course!).

A two time cancer survivor, Sophie endured everything life threw at her with good grace and was a gentle friend to all she met, though somewhat suspicious of anyone she met who was dressed as Santa. Rightfully so--she knew they weren't Santa, so what were they doing dressed as Santa?! She had her eye on you, not-Santa. But gently.

Sophie's style is: shining and verdant


( 2017 - )

aka Smiley Riley Waggymuffins the Magnificent

Sleek and snuggly, half dog and half duvet, Riley is leaner and a lap-sitter, but his preference would be to cuddle your face. Even if he doesn't know you, because it's not that you aren't friends, it's that you aren't friends yet. All you need to do is snuggle more!

Meanwhile, if there's no room to drape across you, he'll fall asleep standing up with his head in your lap, giving you a look of absolute betrayal when his butt drops. Didn't you know you were supposed to hold him up?

Riley sees a potential buddy in everyone he meets, even the bumblebees bumbling through the lavender and studiously ignoring him, going about their bumble business. He'll win them over someday, just like he won over the house kitties.

Riley's style is: free-spirited

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