First Edition Product Guarantee
We are deeply honored that you've chosen to support our young business and its development of new products, and in gratitude and in recognition that early adopters almost always pay the penalties for new designs that are refined over time, we will repair any stamped first edition product for free, for life. This offer does not cover acts of deliberate destruction nor the natural aging of materials. Customer is responsible for postage.

Shop Updates and Lead Times
Shop inventory is updated when batches of blank bags are ready for customization to minimize shipping lead times. Lead times are dependent upon how many orders are in the queue; each order is made in accordance with when it was received. If a batch sells out immediately upon release, order fulfillment can take up to four weeks. Production time does not include holidays. Once a design is sold out, it is unavailable until the next batch run.

Legend vs Custom Portraiture
Once you've submitted your photo and it's been accepted, your bag will take its place in the queue and work will proceed on it accordingly. 

Regardless of the detail available in your photo, the portrait painted will not be photorealistic, but an artistic rendering of your dog. Colors may vary. We urge you to compare the photos on the product pages to the portraits painted on the product page as well as finished bags posted on our social media and under the hashtag #mythfam to feel confident in the quality of the functional art you're purchasing. We hope to offer collaborations with portrait artists of different styles in the future; if our current offerings are not to your taste, we invite you to bookmark the shop and check back down the line.

Fully Custom Items
Please email with inquiries regarding custom designs at hello@mythicfamiliar.com. We can make many types of products, and am versed in many innovative materials and styles. If you can dream it up and have a budget to match, we can make it a reality. These will be addressed on a first come, first served basis and limited slots are available. Pricing depends on the size, complexity, and components of the item as well as the labor involved. There is a non-refundable deposit to start any custom item.

Gifts and gift cards
We are always happy to accommodate packages being mailed as gifts. Should you wish to send an order as a gift please contact us at hello@mythicfamiliar.com and we will be happy to give your purchase special attention. Online gift cards will be made available for purchase soon.

Packaging and components
We aim to delight with our packaging while minimizing our impact. Our flagship product experience shipping boxes are made of 50% recycled material and, if you choose not to reuse them, are 100% recyclable. Our bag refill packs are shipped in noissue 100% compostable mailers, with a portion of the proceeds directed toward improving waste management practices. We use FSC certified paper to package our bag refill packs so as to not package plastic bags inside plastic trash. Shopify shipping is carbon neutral.

Whenever possible, our supplies are ordered from vendors in the USA with an eye toward closer geographical location to reduce the overall carbon footprint; this also ensures that the components are manufactured according to environmental regulations and that everyone involved has been paid a fair wage for their labor.

We refuse to engage in deceptive marketing practices or greenwashing to sell products. We stock Biohybrid™ dog waste bags, made with a mixture of traditional plastic and renewable pre-and-post-consumer starch resin so as to not degrade into microplastics that could contaminate groundwater. No dog bag should be considered biodegradable thanks to the anaerobic nature of landfills. The most current FTC green guide regulations are clear: anything advertised as compostable must have competent and reliable scientific evidence that all the materials in the product or package will break down and become usable compost in a safe and timely manner; dog feces contains pathogens that makes it unsuitable for municipal composting and therefore even if the bags themselves break down, their contents cannot become safe, usable compost. Moreover, we do not know of any U.S. city that allows dog waste in their general composting program. If and when this changes, our product offerings will change accordingly.

We understand that not all customers believe leather products are ethical; most items currently advertised as "vegan leather", "v-leather", "simi-leather" and other names are made of PVC/PVU, or in other words: plastics. With the exception of our dog waste bags for the reasons outlined above, we do not want to engage in the mass production of plastics; they have a significantly shorter lifespan than leather and the production of all PVC involves phthalates, which pose environmental and health risks to the human body. There have recently been some exciting developments in leather-alternative materials not made of plastics, and when we are confident in the quality and longevity of one of these materials, we will happily offer it as an alternative for our customers.

We're happy to look at ways to reduce our overall footprint and welcome any feedback or suggestions you have; please email us at hello@mythicfamiliar.com.